We partner with professional service providers like, diagnostic centers, hospitals for primary care, emergency and ambulance services, and act as a single point of contact for you. Additionally, we have network of doctors for validation of treatment plans, second opinions who will be available for telehealth. Across Caregiving services, as a Health Wallet for each individual subscriber, which enables you to have all the medical history and medications readily available to you. In case, your parents or family travels to abroad or different location, they can have this data readily available in emergency needs. We have specifically designed plans and the option to customize. We also offer services on demand.

Our plans are designed to suit your parents and family needs back home. Our professional teams, with consult physician will be regularly monitoring your parents on Home visits and regular check-ups. Our professional care takers will conduct a detailed assessment to identify any changes in health from the last visit and will timely update the results to you online via notifications and will be stored in the Patient Health Wallet.

Taking Care of Your NRI Infants or Children Visiting Back Home:
At Across Caregiving Services, we provide Care to Your Infants, if they have to be grown at their grandparent’s house learning wonderful things, language and culture, along, with Adults who got to study in India.


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